A tiny game about visiting a gallery in Berlin.

Made with Bitsy - https://ledoux.itch.io/bitsy

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Made withbitsy
TagsBitsy, Casual, Pixel Art, Short


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your art style is incredible

This game was super cool! I love the detailed pixel art and was not expecting such beauty at all!!!

Thanks for the game!

Nice work on those paintings! Also, Tuesday is a great interactive piece, I was almost disappointed that there were no more paintings like this.


tuesday... XD lol

This deserves more recognition! Truly pushes the boundaries of a museum explorer game. :)

This is really, really well done. Explores the potential of bitsy and definitely goes outside the box.

Beautifully done. Thank you for making it!


Cool! Tuesday was funny.

Really like it, simple and elegant! 


ADORED it - the tuesday part in particular was a fun surprise. would love to see more stuff like this

What a sweet and unique experience! Really cool 1-bit art on all the artworks. How did you get the avatar to disappear when looking at the art?


I'm glad you liked it! I just made the avatar the same colour as the background.

It's not so much a game as it is an experience.  Short and simple, this seems like an experiment into game development with some good ideas.  It will be interesting to see how the developer progresses in the future.

for those who enjoy watching than playing. hope you enjoy it!

Oh my god this is lovely!!!

Wow, this is fantastic. The art is stunning.

this is so pure and good

This is really clever! I'm so impressed with the art

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Short and fun! It was a nice game, I liked it ^^